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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I re-send a document from Routty?

Yes! you can send a document more than once by changing the status of the document to “Ready to Send” from the Document Management Module.

If I want to stop the delivery of a document, can I delete it from Routty?

No. But you can stop the delivery of a document by changing the status to “Cancelled” from the Document Management module.

Can I re-send a document in status "Cancelled"?

No. Once the document is in status “Cancelled”, the status cannot be changed again.

Can I delete a user?

Users cannot be deleted from the data base, but you can change the status to avoid her access to Routty Web Portal.

I can login but I do not see any documents

Check with your Web Portal Administrator. It’s possible that your user has no company access assigned.

How do I report a bug?

Contact our Support department via

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